Practice Areas

Reeder Law Corporation

Business Bankruptcy

We have a wide-ranging and experienced business bankruptcy practice. We assist our clients with the following matters:

  • Out-of-court work outs and debt restructurings;
  • Pre-bankruptcy counselling and planning;
  • Chapter 11 reorganization cases for businesses;
  • Chapter 7 cases for businesses;
  • Asset recovery for creditors;
  • Creditors’ committee representation;
  • Unsecured creditor representation;
  • Commercial landlord representation;
  • Contested claims;
  • Tenacity, understanding, communication, thorough knowledge of the bankruptcy system – these are some of the traits that we pride ourselves in offering to our business bankruptcy clients.

Small Business Bankruptcy

SPECIAL: Congress has just passed new bankruptcy laws to help aid small businesses in reorganizing. Reeder Law Corporation can help.

Los Angeles small business bankruptcy firm Reeder Law Corporation is prepared to advise and represent small businesses in bankruptcy cases under the newly enacted Bankruptcy Code provisions creating special rules and procedures to aid small businesses in reorganizing. Congress has finally recognized that small businesses that are reorganizing under chapter 11 need a different set of rules and procedures than those that apply to major corporations. Reeder Law Corporation is able help small business take advantage of these newly passed laws and navigate the system designed to make it easier for small businesses to reorganize and get a fresh start.

Business bankruptcy results

Successfully lead the reorganization of a construction services firm over the virulent objection of its largest creditor, who also its largest competitor.

Confirmed a plan of reorganization of behalf of the real estate ownership entity which built an office building at the wrong side of a market downturn. The investors were the trading companies of former state-owned entities in the PRC.

Represented a carpet mill in a reorganization effort which resulted in a confirmed plan of reorganization.

Personal Bankruptcy

The decision to file a bankruptcy case is not one to be taken lightly. You need both good information, and an attorney that can carry out the appropriate strategy. If properly handled, individual bankruptcy cases carry with them a very high level of client satisfaction. If not handled property, they cause more problems than existed before. We specialize in the former. It all starts with our asking the right questions, knowing which direction to take based on the answers, and seeing you through the process.

Whether the pressure is coming from tax debt, personal guarantees of business debt, medical bills, or any other form of debt, you need to know your realistic options.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Our litigation clients include those dealing with the following issues:

  • Avoidable transfers (preferences and fraudulent transfers)
  • Contested claims litigation
  • Objection to discharge/non-dischargeability of particular claims
  • Opposing chapter 11 plan confirmation

Litigation in the bankruptcy court has a much different rhythm than litigation in the State and Federal District courts. You need an experienced bankruptcy litigator to guide you through the process.

Bankruptcy litigation results

Successfully defended an architect being pursued by a judgment creditor. The special trial on damages resulted in greatly reduced, and manageable, damage award, compared to the unmanageable award made in the state system.

Successfully defended a well-known professional athlete accused of fraud by an employee of his charitable foundation. Defense verdict after trial.
Recovered title to a large and valuable parcel of real estate fraudulently transferred by the debtor to a relative on the eve of bankruptcy.

Founding attorney David Reeder represented a health care provider that was sued by a well-known HMO to recover alleged overpayments, and to disallow the provider’s large claim in bankruptcy. The case ended with HMO dropping its claim for overpayment and writing a check to our client for the full amount of its claim.

Prosecuted numerous preference actions and fraudulent transfer action resulting in substantial recoveries.

Purchase of Assets From Bankruptcy Estates

Insolvency often means a sale of assets, and most insolvency matters have transactional components. Reeder Law Corporation has assisted its clients with the purchase and sale of assets from bankruptcy cases. This requires a thorough knowledge of both bankruptcy law as well as the ability to negotiate and structure a transaction. Asset purchases made by clients of Reeder Law Corporation include the assets as varied as those of a major “cash and carry” warehouse, a national specialty auto-parts distributor, an almond processor in California’s Central Valley, and well-known ice cream manufacturer Cool-a-Coo.

The negotiation of key terms in the purchase agreement can often more than make up for your cost. Further, Reeder Law Corporation can negotiate terms where the buyer is compensated for all or some of its costs if is outbid at a bankruptcy sale.

With the complexity of bankruptcy sales, if you are contemplating buying property out of bankruptcy, “don’t go there alone”. Call Reeder Law Corporation to discuss the sale and find out how to increase your bargaining power.

Counseling, Planning and Strategy

Our clients are given the necessary counseling and case assessment to establish the correct course of action. Client input and questions are sought, encouraged and insisted on.

The first step is to gather the necessary information. Years of experience go into knowing what questions to ask, and how to sort out essential information from information that is interesting, but not central to the matter.

Only after thorough discussions focusing on the right questions can the client hope to be effective in deciding which direction to take.

You are not expected to have decided to start down the path of any legal matter before we speak to you. How could you make such a serious and far reaching decision without the appropriate counseling and preparation?

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Out-of-Court Workouts

Often it is possible for both companies and their creditors to achieve better and more controlled results through out-of-court workouts. Our firm has been actively involved in such workouts for both borrowers and lenders. We can engage in such negotiations from a position of strength, using our knowledge of the limits of the bankruptcy and commercial law systems.

Business and Real Estate Litigation

Business and Real Estate Litigation

David Reeder has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation matters including:

  • Real estate title disputes
  • Money owed
  • Partnership disputes
  • Breach of contact
  • Fraud
  • Contested commercial evictions

Negotiated Settlements

The firm believes in consensual resolution of disputes, but not at the expense of our client’s rights. Substantial care is taken in advising clients regarding settlement options, negotiating settlements on behalf of our clients, and balancing the potential litigation costs with the benefits to be achieved through litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The firm utilizes both traditional litigation and ADR to resolve disputes. The firm calls upon resources from numerous disciplines to mediate, arbitrate, or otherwise resolve disputes.

Negotiation From a Position of Strength

The firm believes in negotiating from a position of strength. This means making it clear to the opponent, from the outset, that the firm is willing and able to take the matter to trial, and if necessary, through an appeal. Once this fact is established, there is a dramatic increase in the possibility of a favorable negotiated settlement.

Mediation Services

Mediation is an art, and needs to be approached carefully. David Reeder acts as mediator in business and real estate disputes. Mr. Reeder has participated in many mediations and formal settlement conferences, both as an advocate, and as a mediator/facilitator.

He is a member of the court-approved mediation panels for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, and the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

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